On “Failing Better” (reviews):

“Regardless of its critical or analytical potential, her music is immediate and punchy, a muscular tussle with algorithms clenched and combative”

Julian Cowley, The Wire, July 2016, Issue #389

“Failing Better, a paraphrase on Samuel Beckett … is full of humor, provocative sonic inventions, and inventive usage of conventional instruments and vocals”

Jan Faix @ His Voice in Czech / translated to English

“Highly original and always inventive.”

Eyal Hareuveny @ The Free Jazz Collective

“‘Failing Better’ offers a measure of weight and profundity”

Massimo Ricci On the Squid’s Ear ||||| as .pdf


7 Questions with Dave Foxall @ Jazz Noise

Noam Ben Ze’ev @ Ha’aretz

Radio Interviews and Special broadcasts:

Listening To Ladies – podcast by Elisabeth Blaire

A collage for Radio Art 106FM by Meira Asher, composed of various excerpts from “The Unbearable Lightness of Coherency”

An Hour with Ophir Ilzetzky @ Halas (Radio broadcast, 1 hour)

Experimental Israel @ by Ophir Ilzetski, Halas (Radio broadcast, in Hebrew, 2 hours)

מאחורי הצלילים – ליאור פרידמן (Radio broadcast, in Hebrew, 1 hour)

עומר ריטה- אוצר ישראלי (Radio broadcast, in Hebrew, 2 hours) 26.6.2017

Profile Articles:

Haaretz – prime minister prize in composition (in Hebrew)

על חוקי השתקפות – ערן הדס

קונצרט גג 2 – נועם בן זאב


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