->Abavidanfor voice and piano

->A deliberately anaesthetic composition for ensemble, a narrator and electronics

As daft as a brush, for viola and electronics

->Blond, for tape

->Cod++(e,a).choose, for automated piano, electronically generated sounds, ready made audio samples and text to speech

Crack-ck-cks in Walls of Silence, for flute, violin, cello, piano and electronics

->Failing Better, for piano (four hands) and a narrator

->I Can Walk, for piano, double-bass and ready-made recordings

Implosion, for cello and electronics

Laws of Reflection, a web composition: Hebrew, English

Lentils, for alto, piano, industrial percussion, tape, narrator (female) and live electronics

Lewdness, for tape

MaMemento Fluidos – MaMemento, for voice-artist, soprano and electronics

One on 1.1guided improvisation for bass clarinet and live electronics

One on 1.1guided improvisation for percussion  and live electronics

One on 1.1guided improvisation for trumpet and live electronics

Old Skoolfor tape

Powder, for piano and tape

The Next 31 seconds of your life, for viola and electronics

4_L_is, for piano cello, strings, woodwinds, industrial percussion and live electronics

10 Thumbs, 2 Left Hands, free improvisation for half piano and electronics. Live@Experimental Israel