->Abavidanfor voice and piano

->A deliberately anaesthetic composition for ensemble, a narrator and electronics

->Blond, for tape

->Cod++(e,a).choose, for automated piano, electronically generated sounds, ready made audio samples and text to speech

Crack-ck-cks in Walls of Silence, for flute, violin, cello, piano and electronics

->Dismantled, for a dismantled piano, electronics and a performer

->Failing Better, for piano (four hands) and a narrator

->I Can Walk, for piano, double-bass and ready-made recordings

Implosion, for cello and electronics

->Laws of Reflection, a web composition: Hebrew, English

->Lentils, for alto, piano, industrial percussion, tape, narrator (female) and live electronics

->Lewdness, for tape

MaMemento Fluidos – MaMemento, for voice-artist, soprano and electronics

->One on 1.1guided improvisation for bass clarinet and live electronics

->One on 1.1guided improvisation for percussion  and live electronics

One on 1.1, guided improvisation for trumpet and live electronics

->Old Skoolfor tape

->Powder, for piano and tape

->The Sea That You Cannot See, a radio piece

-> 3 Miniatures for viola and electronics

->4_L_is, for piano cello, strings, woodwinds, industrial percussion and live electronics

->10 Thumbs, 2 Left Hands, free improvisation for half piano and electronics. Live@Experimental Israel


**Photography: Uri Levinson**