LF Ants In A China Shop

Hysteria Shows, living museum of pathology (2016) – a dance-theatre performance, directed by Adili Liberman

The Soft German(2014)- an art-film, directed by Nadav Bin Nun.

“Keresh” (2012) a trilogy for two bodies and a plank by Ronnie Heller and Dganit Elyakim

iWoman(2014) – choreography: Shlomit Fundaminsky, soundtrack: Dganit Elyakim

Still Winter(2008) – video: Daniel Tchetchik, music: Dganit Elyakim

The Lost Paradise (2014) – director: Lilach Deckel-Avneri (teaser)

Shlulit (2009)- video: Thalia Hoffman, choreography:  Elad Schechter, recordings: Yaniv Kuris, Dganit Elyakim, Sound Design: Dganit Elyakim

Turing Dames – “Turing Dames” is a net collective founded by Batt-Girl, Eran Hadas and myself. Recently Eyal Gruss joined the collective. For our web site click here (available only in Hebrew).